About it.guy.kelly

I am a guy. I am named Kelly. When I was born, 34 years ago, “Kelly” was not a particularly common name for a guy, though it was not considered strange by any means. As of 2006, the name “Kelly” is predominately used for women. Most people assume I am a woman if their opinion is based solely upon my name, like on a resume, or an e-mail. But, I’m not. I’m a guy.

The name Kelly is believed to be of Irish Gaelic origin. It’s common usage is Irish and English. It is historically a masculine, or at most, a unisex name.  Kelly is thought to be derived from either the first name Ceallach, or the surname Ó Ceallaigh, which may mean either “church” or “warrior” (Gaelic). Or it is possibly related to a Pictish word meaning “wood” or “holly.”

I am an IT guy. I work in the field of Information Technology. I have worked in IT for approximately the past seven years. Currently I am a Systems Engineer working for a consulting firm.

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