About it.guy.kelly

When I was born, “Kelly” was not a particularly common name for a guy, though it was not considered unusual by any means. As of 2018, the name “Kelly” is predominately used for women.

The name Kelly is believed to be of Irish Gaelic origin. It’s common usage is Irish and English. It is historically a masculine, or at most, a unisex name.  Kelly is thought to be derived from either the first name Ceallach, or the surname Ó Ceallaigh, which may mean either “church” or “warrior” (Gaelic). Or it is possibly related to a Pictish word meaning “wood” or “holly.”

I am an IT guy. I work in the field of Information Technology. I have worked in IT for approximately the past 18 years. Currently I am a Technology Consultant working for a quasi-governmental organization.

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